DEMAIN EST ANNULÉ is a project about the coronavirus crisis run by students from the photography department of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp.The aim is to reflect on this period of quarantine and resulting isolation caused by the crisis. Twice a week the students receive a short assignment that has to be completed the same day. Their works are then uploaded to this website.

The purpose of the project is twofold:

KILLING TIME presents work that starts from the absurd situation of the quarantine. The idea is to think about the meaning of the meaningless. To make up visual games, unnecessary actions, ask useless questions, and make things that nobody asks for. By turning the physical space where each student is located into a form of stage, they can perform experiments, improvise and play; the basis of every creative, artistic process.

TIME WILL TELL deals with the social and psychological reality of the quarantine. What is happening outside and how does it affect what goes on inside? This project deals with the visual potential of one's immediate surroundings alongside the visual materials that enter the living space via communication channels.

Bert Danckaert, photography dpt.


Cathertine Smet (1BA)
Iris Maselis (1BA)
Sarah Kirchner (1BA)
Jaïr-Marc Castillo (1BA)
Ana Lucía Fernández (1BA)
Daria-Ana Oprean (1BA)
Robert Sasarman (1BA)
Aron Viszló (2BA)
Anke Defossé (2BA)
Eva Thurman (2BA)
Ean De Maeyer (2BA)
Bruce Bomfim (2BA)
Violeta López (MA)
Valentina Stellino (Alumnus)